So I make this big lovely meal for both of us, and after slaving in the kitchen for what I SWEAR is like nine hours…so I set the table and call in my hubby, who is sitting around watching a stupid football game or something, and tell him dinner is read.  So he sees the table, and the first thing he says to me is some dumb bull about an article he read saying how bad cholesterol, and how we shouldn’t eat like this all time.   This was the last straw!!  Okay, so like I had been sick for a couple of days, and hubby kept yelling at me to eat better because that’s why he said I was always sick. I told him how dumb he was being…I eat perfectly healthy. Bread. cheese. Meat. This is like what EVERYONE eats everywhere, it’s not like I’m eating candy all day, lol. Just that night I had made hamburger helper and kraft mac and cheese..I know it’s good for me because of all the cheese and milk for strong bones, and the protein in the beef will help me be the strong woman that I know I am (plus it’s delicious…hahaha honestly is there anyone who can’t help themselves from eating the orange cheese powder before it’s cooked? lol!!!!).

So we fought and I got SO MAD that I admitted some of the times I had cheated on him and he started crying.  Then I started crying.  We cried together…it was beautiful like something almost out of the perks of being a wallflower or something.  Cheating is wrong, I know that, but I had the strength to realize that it wasn’t my fault…I put up with so much from society for being a bigger woman….I feel so bad that I hurt hubby…but im not sorry…I know that cheating is bad, but I also have the strength to KNOW that im a victim of my own circumstances. It doesn’t make me a slut, It makes me someone who suffered because of JERKS who take advantage of girls!!  sure I still slip up…who doesnt?? ….but I’m beautiful. Nobody can say that I’m not.  I know it!!  I’m not ashamed to admit that I have cheated on hubby several times. ( and this is what makes us beautiful), it’s GUYS that are crippling my self-esteem, warping my self-image…and forcing me to try and find love from other men…especially black men because they APPRECIATE us bbws.


So after we wiped the tears away I let him try to seduce me…I was still mad that he didn’t like the nice dinner I had slaved over so I made him go down on me for a half-hour…it was okay…I couldn’t even really feel much because a few days ago my special friend tyrone was pounding me pretty hard…but I felt like I had too just so my hubby could remember what it was like to be a gentleman and what a special lady like me deserves.  All of the sudden though I farted right on his face…I would have been embarrassed but I remember talking to my friend bekka about “girl issues” (lol) and how we shouldn’t have to apologize for things that are perfectly natural…like periods and leg hair and stuff…teeheehee.  So he powers through like the good little white night he is, and then I let him have sex with me.  I usually only do missionary with hubby because its more loving and intimate (we can look into eachothers eyes and let our souls and love intermingle like in the Notebook)…but I let him do doggy because hes been good.

I was still feeling kind of sick (from the stress…not the food…helloooooo!?!) and queasy so I was hoping he’d finish up quick…all of the sudden he tries to put it in my butt!  Not cool!!!!  So I cant help it at this point and I shit all over the bed and get diarrea on his dick…he starts yelling and wretching and throws up from the smell.  What an asshole!!  So after he cleaned the sheets I kicked him out and told him to stay at a motel for the night, and he sure as heck better come back with lysol spray!!.  It’s his fault i pooped the bed for stressin me out all the time! stupid jerk!  though also my asshole was still kind of worn out from tyrone so thats probably part of it too.

Fuck men! and fuck how they stress out us girls and cause these problems!  Im not giving him doggy style ever again!!!!   😦

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