I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a firm believer in Jesus!!!!. Every where I go he protects me. I know it and I can feel it. He is my guardian angel and he is always looking out for me. I know that other people might think I’m crazy, but that’s because they haven’t found Jesus in their heart yet. He is there for me because I have learned the art of forgiveness. If you haven’t then you are missing out BIG TIME!!!

Not long ago I found myself in a homeless shelter with a friend of mine  from our church group (Love, Pray ‘n’ Eat). We were there helping out in the soup kitchen, making soup for all the poor people there. When we arrived the dining hall was already full of people, alot of old smelly, dirty old veterans, tons of scary blacks, some mexican people, and one old lady I think… ewww just makes my skin crawl!! There were cockroaches every where too, yucky!!! but I knew to ignore the smell and bugs and keep working because Jesus is always watching me. As a strong Christian woman it is my duty to help people, and deep down I do love helping people, I really do!!!! But this one really creepy looking old guy in a wheelchair kept staring at me with his small black beady eyes. He looked like a veteran with his long gray hair and a long gray beard, and gray scraggly pubic hairs coming out of his ears. He smiled at me when I came over to his table to hand him a paper plate and napkin. He stared at my boobs right away!!! Ughhh (rapist alert!) He had one  yellow tooth and his breath was so bad, I swear something died in his mouth too, ewwww  so gross! I wanted to run away, but I knew that it was just the devil testing me.

So anyways, I was handing out plates while my partner was in the kitchen with the cooks, stirring the pots and chopping up the vegetables  But eventually it seemed like all the homeless men were getting creepier by the minute, and staring at me, Ughhhh. And the smell of all those dirty people, it smelled like I was in a dumpster.. It got so bad I had to switch places with her. I wanted to run away, but instead I kept my mouth shut until luckily she came out to the dinning hall and we switched places. I went into the kitchen holding my nose on the way. The smell of the soup cooking seemed to help get rid of some of the nasty smells of all those dirty homeless people. It was refreshing to be working with food instead of creepy, horny homeless men. Was I in a penitentiary or something??? SUPER CREEPY!

I chopped up a few carrots and was getting ready to stir them in, when I noticed I didn’t have a ladle. I turned to my side to the soup kitchen attendant next to me and asked him for a ladle. Then, that’s when I realized he was also a black homeless man, and that all of the soup kitchen attendants were scary homeless black people too. I’m not racist or anything, but I have to admit that I was getting goose bumps already. I was so scared for my life, what was I to do as a helpless white female?  But I knew I had a job to do. I asked one of the attendants for a ladle and he pointed down at one on the floor that was dirty with yucky brown stuff on it. I couldn’t believe it, obviously he wasn’t a health inspector!! I hesitated at first, but being a woman I just gave in and bent over to pick it up.  It was at that moment that they all stared at me, or rather my butt, with their lustful eyes. They saw my hesitation as fear, because they knew I was just a lily soft white woman with a big white butt. That’s all I am to men these days apparently [rolls eyes].

I stood up and put the ladle in the pot, and got to stirring the soup when one of the soup kitchen cooks stood behind me as I was stirring the pot. He was too close for comfort, well within in my physical safety zone that I have mentally established to decide whether or not a guy is a creeper. I started squirming as he got closer, then he put his hands on the ladle, over my hands, trying to “assist me”. He told me that I should stir in the other direction. What non-sense!! obviously he was just trying to hit on me because he’s a creep!!! I wanted to tell him to fuck off but I couldn’t do it. Instead I thanked him, and luckily he walked away. Then he came back grinning, with a piece of hard bread in his right hand. He stood behind me again, and as soon as I realized he was putting his hands near me again, he stuck the bread in my mouth before I could scream for help!! He asked me how it tasted, “ummmm ummm” I couldn’t give a real answer with food in my mouth. I just knew in the back of my mind that he was planning to rape me. I just knew it!! He even put his hands on my waist, that means he is planning to rape me any second, so I decided to just bend over and take it in my butt to avoid making a scene. I pulled my pants down, and that’s when he spun me around and spanked my butt in front of all the soup kitchen cooks. They just laughed at me and I felt so embarrassed, I blushed!!!

To avoid any more embarrassment I just went along with it. I tried to smile it off, then I decided to do a little strip tease in the kitchen. Then I suddenly realized all of my clothes were off, but by then it was too late. When will I learn? ?? The creep that had his hands around my waist earlier already had his dick out, and a few of the other cooks were getting ready to do the same. Ughhh men are so predictable and disgusting!!! But It was too late for me to say no, no to rape. One of the cooks told me to get on my knees and close my eyes, for a second I thought it was for a prayer until he stuck his big black hairy cock in my mouth. After he came in my mouth several times I wanted to throw up because it was too much and really salty too, but instead I just tried my best to swallow it all as quickly as possible, so he would just go away. But then another one came in my mouth. They formed a line in front of me, taking turns while some of the food started to burn. I just kept my eyes closed and kept thinking about Jesus. He was there supporting me during this vile moment.

Then, after a dozen guys, I heard a bell ring. It was the dinner bell being rung by the head cook, “we’ve got a new item on the menu! We’ve got a new item on the menu folks! A big fat Cream Pie for dessert!” All of the sudden the kitchen doors swung open and 4 or 5 dozen men came in. As soon as they saw me naked they knew what was going on and joined in, being the disgusting, filthy men they are. Ughhhh. Men are so selfish! All I could think about was whether or not my friend from our church group was ok, unlike these creepers, I can think about other people!!! Anyway, I found myself getting sandwiched on the floor of the kitchen, with three cocks in my mouth and two cocks in my own ass. What was I to do? I started to cry not only because I was being forced to have sex with dirty smelly homeless men, but also because of how bad they all smelled. I was choking on their dirty cum, I felt totally degraded and wanted to cry to jesus. twenty minutes went by when all of the sudden my cell phone vibrated in the pocket of my apron that was lying on the floor. Someone picked it up and noticed it said hubby on the caller ID, and he had the nerve to answer it!

“Oh hi sir, you were looking for your wife?? Oh yeah, she’s right over here….”

Ughh what an asshole, I wanted to yell at him but I couldn’t because I had dick in my mouth.  He brought the phone up to my face just as a cock was being shoved deeper in throat. He hung up on my hubby before I could scream for help. The phone vibrated again, and that’s when they shoved it in my anus. It hurt!!   😦

After being violated by so many men so many times, all I could do was pray to myself that it would end soon. All of the sudden a man rolled in with his wheel chair. It was the stinky veteran with the beard and missing teeth. They rolled him toward my legs and he ate my pussy  😥

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