Let me rephrase that title, ALL WOMEN DESERVE LOVE! Thank you!! Love is what turns a house into a home. It’s what brings life into every relationship and completes every woman’s soul. All we need is love. REAL LOVE. All you dumb guys can get a pen and paper out and take note here.

But there is more to this post. If you have been reading my blog regularly you’d probably know already that I’m a curvy woman — AKA a REAL WOMAN!!! not like those anorexic twigs you see in those dirty magazines that men like to read. Yuck yuck! They’re not real women! Anyway, A certain man (Nigel Davis) has a blog where he preaches about Fat Acceptance, but it’s not the wonderful loving kind that full-figured women deserve. No, he doesn’t actually love big women, he just loves big fat asses! He’s a typical ghetto hood-rat creeper! The kind that try to have sex with me at the grocery store, ughhh yuck. I can’t stand how he pretends to be full of love and acceptance, but really he just wants a bigger ass in his bedroom. If only there was some way I could turn him around. He needs to learn what real love is, and learn how to give real love. I don’t understand how all of these curvy women fall for his bullshit either. There is no way he has sex with so many women with all of the lewd, degrading comments he uses to seduce them, and his cheesy/disgusting chubby chaser tactics. You don’t use “tactics” women, this is not a war!

And he even thinks he’s a Jesus loving christian. It’s funny he thinks that way since he’s probably going to hell when he dies, where giant fat women sit on sick chubby-chasers for all eternity!

4 thoughts on “Real Women Deserve Real Love!! No Exceptions!!

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